We Offer Outstanding Lawn Care and Landscaping Services to Deliver the Lawn of Your Dreams

Have you always dreamed of the perfectly trimmed lawn that goes perfect with a little picket fence, a German Sheppard, and a loving family? If you live in our service area, then you have found the lawn care company to help you turn your lawn into that perfect image.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Our fertilization program and our weed control services take into account the climate and soil of your area. We know what is lacking from the soil and how to enrich it using the right fertilization to make the soil nutritious for your grass. We also take care to choose safe substances and the most environmentally safe methods, to keep those weeds and pests from overrunning your lawn. Over the years we found the perfect species of grass for our area and we use these when we are over-seeding to cover up bare patches on your lawn.

The fertilization process we use is based on fertilizers with a slow release, which will keep the soil of your lawn nourished all through the grass growing season. As your grass grows strong roots and develops a healthy growing habit, we will visit your property and spot treat for weeds and make the usual maintenance visit. During the fall when grass seeds germinate, we will not do any weed treatments to let the grass develop. We are still available for any other services during this time.

Has Your Lawn Gone Bald?

We can perform reseeding and over-seeding on your lawn. If you turf looks lumpy or matted, you may need lawn aeration performed on your soil, which is best performed during the early spring when the soil has gathered a good bit of moisture and is easier to work with. This is also the time when your grass is getting ready to germinate so performing aeration and seeding during this time gives you the best results. Whatever your lawn care or landscaping needs may be, give us a call and we will discuss your options and tell you how we can deliver the lawn of your dreams!