Stay Strong!

It is about that time again isn’t it. Mowing season will soon come to an end. The weather will begin to get cooler. Everything will be pumpkin spice flavored, and you’ll have to start pulling out your warm hoodies. You prepare yourself for the cooler weather but what do you do to prepare your lawn?

Just a few steps to help your lawn survive this fall and winter.

First, aeration is something we strongly recommend for winter preparation. It is like allowing your lawn to take one deep breath before all the snow arrives to cover it up. Similar to how you take a breath before going under water.

Second, fertilizing your lawn in the fall before the winter helps revive itself after the hot summer sun, the grass has a chance to build stamina before the chilly weather and it will lead to a healthier lawn in the spring. Plus, there is just something about that fall morning dew that provides moisture and helps absorb the fertilizer a lot better.

Third, seeding. This one is optional and not everyone does it but it will definitely help keep your lawn healthy during the winter. If you are planning on doing some fall seeding, make sure you let your provider know if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic or if it is shady so they can help you choose the right type of seed. Be sure to rake up leaves if you have enough will prevent the seeds from reaching the soil.

Also, many are concerned that if they do not rake up leaves before the snow comes, the layer of leaves will smother the lawn. In some cases, this is a possibility, but it also depends on how many leaves you have. If you are not a fan of raking, you can also mow over the leaves to shred them into smaller pieces. This will decrease the chance of smothering your lawn over the winter.