Snow Removal

Winter can be rough in Lethbridge. We understand that sometimes your busy schedule just doesn’t allow for spending hours shoveling your driveway and sidewalks. We’re ready for the snow so that you don’t have to be!

Our Snow Removal Services:

  • Our residential sidewalk snow removal package includes up to four (4) snow clearings in one month, if additional clearings are needed there is a charge per extra clearing.
  • Our commercial sidewalk snow removal packages include the base option of up to four (4) snow clearings in one month, if additional clearings are needed there is a charge per extra clearing. or an unlimited package which has no cap on the number of clearings each month, .
  • We also have monthly and by the push options for commercial parking lot snow removal.
  • Snow removal begins November 1st and ends April 30th.
  • We offer same day service, every 24 hours during snowfalls. We guarantee to be on location within 24 hours of snow ending.
  • We use a variety of tools to clear sidewalks, including: backpack blowers, shovels, snow blowers, and a sweeper broom for larger sidewalks.
  • We shovel residential sidewalks and driveways after one centimeter (1cm) of snow has fallen. Commercial sidewalks are also one centimeter (1cm) and commercial parking lots are done after one (1) inch.
  • We salt as needed so as not to harm grass and pets. If you would always like us to salt, let us know!
  • Priority timing is possible, please let us know if you have a business that needs to be done before a certain time.

Whether hiring us or not, always remember to ask your snow removal company what makes them different. Some companies may be cheaper, but they may also not come out until it’s done snowing or at a higher accumulation rate!

Christmas Light Installations

Our teams offer Christmas Light Installations to both residential and commercial properties. We use top of the line LED Christmas Lights for all of our installations. All installations also include take down at the end of the season (unless it has been specified otherwise). You have the option to purchase the lights directly from us (you keep them at the end of the season) or to rent them from us (we take them at the end of the season).

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