No Mushrooms Please!

It’s time to talk about mushrooms, and no we don’t mean the kind you put on your Canadian pizza. We are talking the mushrooms on your lawn!

Unfortunately, we can’t help too much chemically with this issue but that is why we did our research and found a way you could get rid of those unsightly mushrooms without spending loads of money on weed control applications, only to end up with no results.

It all starts with a common household product…vinegar! If you mix in a spray bottle 3/4 water and 1/4 vinegar, you have your very own homemade mushroom killer. Be sure to wear gloves and spot spray ONLY the mushrooms, as it can kill the grass as well.

Mushrooms feed off animal waste, old mulch or even rotting trees, but the most common cause of mushrooms is too much moisture. Think about it, how does mold usually grow?

Well, it is very similar to mushrooms on the lawn since it is a fungus. If you over water on a day where we only have a couple hours of sun, that doesn’t leave “mushroom” for drying time so the water won’t absorb as fast as it should.

One of the best ways to prevent them from growing is to monitor your watering, making sure to water less in areas with shade. If you do find that you have an unsightly patch of mushrooms you just can’t get rid of, aerating the lawn will also help bring more oxygen into your soil and help the grass better manage watering.

Generally, mushrooms are harmless to your lawn. Believe it or not, some even say that mushrooms on your lawn can be a sign of healthy soil. However, that doesn’t mean you want to be looking a them everyday, we understand.