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Lawn Care Lethbridge, AB Experts on Epsom Salt’s Benefits in the Garden

All homeowners preoccupied with their lawns and gardens know that magnesium is the “major minor” element that turf and plants can’t do without. If you are interested in keeping your lawn and landscape in perfect shape, healthy, green, strong and resilient to pests and weeds in an organic manner, than Epsom Salt is the product you should be interested in. Our lawn care Lethbridge AB experts are here today to list some of the major benefits of Epsom Salt on your property. Before anything else, however, make sure you test your soil’s composition and follow your lawn care Lethrbidge AB specialists’ advice. Continue reading

6 Organic Mulches Favored by Our Lawn Care Coaldale, AB Experts

With summer just around the corner, homeowners everywhere begin lawn care and landscaping preparations. And what better way to begin than considering several types of organic mulches to nourish and protect your vegetation and plantings? Today, our lawn care Coaldale, AB experts are here to offer you a quick guide on six different types of organic mulches to use for fertilization, protection against heat, pests and weeds. Continue reading

Easy Winter Using Prevention Methods: Snow Removal Lethbridge, AB Pros Share Their Tips

Daily snow removal and deicing is a messy, exhausting, and money consuming job. Waiting for your snow company to clear the way is not always the best idea, especially if you are in a hurry early in the morning. Shoveling five times a day isn’t also the best strategy to employ, especially if the winter is harsh and you need to take care of other things. Our snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists want to offer you a few advice on preventative methods – after all, instead of shoveling and deicing day after day, why not following some simple advice to ease your life until winter is gone.

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Here are Five Ways Your Coaldale AB Lawn could Experience Winterkill this Winter

  1. Your lawn could be affected by gray or pink snow molds. Your lawn is susceptible to gray or pink mold if snow has covered your turf for nearly a month or more. These molds develop since snow acts like an insulator warming the surface temperature and encouraging mold growth.
  2. Your lawn can get winter desiccation which means it could dry out from excessive wind damage.
  3. Your lawn could suffer from ice damage where water can’t properly drain, ice forms and damages the grass beneath it.
  4. De-icing products from your municipality’s efforts to keep snow off of the road can be swept up onto your lawn. And the salt products that you use to de-ice your driveway and sidewalks can drain into your lawn’s soil.
  5. Meadow voles can take up residence beneath the ground and feed off of your grass.

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Spring Services & Why You Should Get Them!

Spring has arrived and it is time to get your lawn in shape to look its best from now until the snow falls next winter. If you want to enjoy a beautiful, green lawn, but your busy schedule doesn’t give you enough time to work on your grass—or you simply don’t enjoy yard work and would rather spend your time on the things you love—Lawn & Snow Bros can take that chore off your list.

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