Lawn Care:

*Please note: All pricing is based on the average property size of 2000 sq ft.

Weekly Mowing: Our teams will cut your lawn on the same day each week (if your mowing day needs to be moved due to a holiday or rain delay you will be notified by email, communication is very important to us!). They will alternate mowing directions to ensure that no wear or burn marks damage your lawn, trim all edges, and blow debris off sidewalks.
Average Weekly Mowing Pricing: $36.97+gst.


Aerating: As sod ages the soil becomes compacted with little to no pore space. This makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients. When our teams aerate they remove small cores which are then left on the surface. It’s best to leave these plugs of soil on the lawn as they will work their way back into the soil within a month. The holes that remain help to break up compacted soil and allow water and air to penetrate to the root zone.
Average Aerating Pricing: $74.97+gst.


Power Raking: With foot traffic and age, lawns build up layers of thatch making it difficult for grass roots to get vital nutrients. Power rakes use motorized tines to rake deeply into the grass bed and remove that layer – increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering, and pest controls. Then power raking our teams rake your entire lawn in both horizontal and vertical directions, hand rake to fully remove all dead grass and debris, mow to clean up any leftover clippins, and finally blow any debris off sidewalks. Our teams take away all of the thatch pulled up.
Average Power Raking Pricing: $114.97+gst.


Our Spring Recommendations: If your lawn has a lot of foot traffic (think kids and pets) we would suggest aerating and power raking yearly. If your lawn does not see much foot traffic we would suggest aerating and power raking your first year with us (if it has not been done recently) and then alternating services each year thereafter. After ALL spring services, regardless of how often they are completed we strongly recommend a good fertilization. This will help thicken the grass to reduce weeds, making it lush and green.


Sprinkler Start-Up and Repairs: A thorough look through your system to ensure everything is working/set properly and sprinkler heads adjusted correctly. If repairs are necessary our sprinkler tech can also help with those!
Average Start-Up Pricing: $95.00+GST. Repairs are charged additionally at $95 per man per hour.



Sprinkler Blow Out: Our tech will blow out your underground sprinkler lines so that your system does not freeze over winter. No repairs are done at this time.
Average Blow Out Pricing: $84.97+gst.



Yard/Leaf Clean Ups: We can do any type of outdoor clean up necessary, not included in the clean up is shrub/tree trimming or hauling junk away.
Yard Clean Ups are priced hourly at: $75+gst per man per hour. There is a $150 minimum.




And more! If you require a service not listed here, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!




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