Lawn Care

Summer Maintenance:

Weekly Mowing and Bi-Weekly Mowing
All mowing includes the cut, edge trimming, bagging clippings, and blowing any debris off of the sidewalks. Our teams are also on a mowing direction schedule that ensures that your lawn never dries out or grows unevenly due to the mower tires being run in the same areas each time. Our teams currently use top of the line Honda Commercial Push Mowers and battery operated Stihl trimmers and hand blowers. We also run Walker Ride-On Commercial Mowers for larger residential and commercial properties.

4 Application Weed Control & Fertilizer Program + Round Up Program
We are certified herbicide applicators, this means we have certified applicators on staff and our pesticide service registration is up to date. Our teams use commercial selective herbicides specifically formulated to target and eliminate any broadleaf weeds that may be infiltrating your lawn. We also make sure to use fertilizer that is specifically formulated to the season for the best results in keeping a healthy and happy lawn. We recommend dual applications (weed control and fertilizer at the same time). The herbicide will eliminate any weeds you currently have and the fertilizer will help thicken the lawn which, in turn, will also reduce the weeds.

With our 4 Application Weed Control and Fertilizer Program we have a weed free guarantee. If you trust us with your lawn, we guarantee to keep your lawn free of weeds for the season*.

We also provide the option of a Round-Up add on program. Round-Up is a non-selective herbicide that will kill weeds and grasses**. When our teams are at your property for the lawn application they can spray any garden, decorative rock, or mulch beds to keep them weed free throughout the season.

We also offer individual weed control and fertilizer applications but recommend going with the program for the best results and to be eligible for our ‘Weed Free Guarantee’.

*To receive the weed free guarantee we require our water recommendations and after care are followed, otherwise we cannot guarantee a weed free lawn.
**Round-Up will not kill certain plants that have been formulated to be resistant specifically to Round-Up, such as Round-Up Ready Canola.

Spring Maintenance:

As sod ages the soil can become compacted so there is little to no pore space. This makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients. When our teams aerate they remove small cores (plugs of soil) which are then deposited on the surface. It’s best to leave these cores on the surface as they will work their way back into the soil within a month. The holes that remain help to break up compacted soil and allow water and air to penetrate to the root zone.

Power Raking
Our teams use the power rake to rake deeply into the grass bed and dead material covering the soil without actually digging it up. This increases the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering, and pest controls, promoting a thicker and healthier lawn. When power raking we rake the entire lawn in both horizontal and vertical directions, hand rake to removal all dead grass clippings, mow to clean up any clippings we couldn’t get up with the hand rake, and lastly blow any debris off of the sidewalks.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If your lawn has a lot of foot traffic (think kids and pets) we would suggest aerating and power raking yearly. If your lawn does not see much foot traffic we would suggest aerating and power raking your first year with us (if it has not been done recently) and then alternating services each year thereafter. After ALL spring services, regardless of how often they are completed we strongly recommend a good fertilization. This will help thicken the grass to reduce weeds, making it lush and green.

Other Services
Yard (Leaf) Clean Ups, Sprinkler Start-Ups, Sprinkler Blow-Outs, Sprinkler Repairs, Dew Worm Pesticide Applications


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