Lawn Care Lethbridge, AB Specialists’ Guide on Early Fall Maintenance Activities

Before we engage in snow removal and winter preparations, we have to take care of your property now that fall takes over the land. This is a slower and versatile season, and you should make sure everything is ready for winter. You might think that you should put on hold many lawn care activities in fall, but you could not be further from the truth. In fact, this is the season to engage in intense preparations and projects. Every root, every flower, every patch of land should be thoroughly prepared in order to face the cold season and have a good chance at revival next spring. Let us see today a short lawn care Lethbridge AB guide on early fall lawn and landscape preparations!

Test the Soil

Your soil needs a helping hand right now, as summer took its toll. Mindful homeowners perform soil tests in early spring and early fall. Now it is the perfect time to assess the soil’s pH levels, fertilization needs, drainage situation, the need of amendments, and so on. Have your local lawn care Lethbridge AB specialists make a thorough evaluation, as the soil is the foundation you build on a strong and resilient lawn and landscape.

Aerate and Overseed

These two activities go hand in hand in both spring and early fall. You need to loosen up the soil to allow light, heat, water, and nutrients reach deep within. The following months, you will have plenty of things to do, and the soil should be ready for them.

Once you aerated the soil, you need to reseed some damaged lawn areas. Yellow, dull, dead patches of turf are the sign that you should overseed. Make sure you water the reseeded areas carefully, and you do not allow foot traffic or physical damage to occur in the following weeks. You can ask our lawn care Lethbridge AB specialists to give you a hand with this sensitive task.

Raise the Lawn Mower’s Blades

Your grasses should grow a bit taller from now on. This is why you should raise the mower’s blades up to ½ inch – 1-inch tops. Taller turf gets more sunlight, which becomes fuel to keep the turf healthy all winter long. If you have Bermuda grass, zoysia, St. Augustine and other grass varieties, let them grow tall.

Irrigate Carefully

If fall is generous with rain, you can scratch off this task from your list, but if it is not, you need an irrigation plan. Evergreens and some vegetables need extra water this time of year (especially in September and October). If you have a landscape irrigation system, ask your lawn care Lethbridge AB experts to help you program it to water the lawn properly.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Ask your fertilization and weed control Lethbridge AB specialists to implement a professional pre-emergence weed control program to make sure the early fall weeds do not take over your property. Fertilization and weed control represents an integrated approach, so you cannot have one without the other. During this month, you should also turn the mulch and add a fresh layer of organic one, as it will keep all your trees, flower beds, shrubs, evergreens, and vegetables in perfect shape and resilient against weather conditions, weeds, and pests.

Ask your lawn care Lethbridge AB team to offer you their expertise on early fall lawn maintenance. Then, enjoy the symphony of color and scent that autumn brings to you.