Lawn Care Lethbridge, AB Experts on Epsom Salt’s Benefits in the Garden

All homeowners preoccupied with their lawns and gardens know that magnesium is the “major minor” element that turf and plants can’t do without. If you are interested in keeping your lawn and landscape in perfect shape, healthy, green, strong and resilient to pests and weeds in an organic manner, than Epsom Salt is the product you should be interested in. Our lawn care Lethbridge AB experts are here today to list some of the major benefits of Epsom Salt on your property. Before anything else, however, make sure you test your soil’s composition and follow your lawn care Lethrbidge AB specialists’ advice.

6 Major Benefits of Epsom Salt in the Garden

Epsom Salt can be used in a number of ways: it can be mixed with water to irrigate the soil and plants; it can be mixed with water to spray on the foliage; it can be put on the bottom of the planting holes; it can be sprinkled around flowers, shrubs or vegetables, and so on. There are some huge benefits of the Epsom Salt all season long and your turf and garden will thank you for your care and concern!

  1. It helps with the turf seeds’ germination process, assisting grass roots to grow stronger and deeper; for already established turfs, Epsom Salt helps the green blades of grass grow upright and resilient to stomping or law mower stress.
  2. It helps flowers yield more colorful and scented blossoms; Epsom Salt is favored by gardeners planting roses, azaleas, rhododendron, bougainvilleas and gardenias, and other flowers or flowering shrubs; the added magnesium determines the flowers to yield more blossoms; these blossoms will also sport more vibrant colors, more petals, and more powerful scents.
  3. It counters transplant shock; if you water the transplant soil area with Epsom Salt and water, the transplanted plant has more chances to develop new roots and overcome the damages suffered through transplant.
  4. It deters weeds and pests; as an organic pest control solution, Epsom Salt is a natural deterrent for slimy slugs as it sticks to their bodies and prevents them from taking over the garden; as a weed control agent, Epsom Salt can kill weeds if you mix it with vinegar and some drops of dish soap and spray the affected areas;
  5. It makes your tomatoes grow bountiful and sweeter; Epsom Salt is loved by all tomatoes growers and the added magnesium boosts the plants’ energy levels; this energy translates into sugar, making Epsom Salt not only beneficial for your tomatoes, but for your fruit trees, vines, and shrubs as well.
  6. It helps with yellow, curling leaves and foliage; throughout summer, your leaves and plant foliage can curl and turn yellow even if they are not affected by pests, diseases or weather phenomena – it may be a magnesium deficiency to cause such symptoms; spray the curled, yellow leaves with Epsom Salt twice a month and enjoy your green foliage all year long without curls or yellow spots.

As you can see, Epsom Salt has plenty of benefits as an organic fertilizer in your garden. Ask your lawn care Lethbridge AB specialists about the amounts, uses and best practices on Epsom Salt and enjoy a green, lush, thriving landscape all year long!