Hot, Hot, Hot!

How about that sun eh? June is always the hottest month of the year, and this is the time when you are more likely to experience dehydration, not just you, but your lawn too. Here are some things that should help you defeat the heat this summer.
Only water in the early mornings, before the sun is out or before it starts to get hot. This will give the water some time to soak into the soil instead of drying up too soon from the hot sun mid day.

We also don’t recommend night watering as it can promote lawn diseases due to the water clinging to grass blades and not evaporating fast enough overnight.

Limit the amount of lawn traffic, think pets or kids. We know they need their outside time too but just for this month at least to prevent the soil from becoming compacted and not allowing air to get to the roots.

If you mow your lawn yourself, try not to cut it short this month. Leaving your grass at longer heights will help allow the roots to extend deeper and prevent weeds from showing up. Longer grass also holds moisture a lot better so it won’t dry out as fast as shorter grass on those hot days of June

Try to resist the urge to fertilize your lawn during this month. Generally, it is most likely to burn from the sun and if you apply fertilizer, it may burn your lawn even more and can result in dark brown spots.

More importantly, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated!

If you have trouble remembering to drink water, drink on a schedule. For example, drink water when you wake up, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when you go to bed. Or, drink a small glass of water at the beginning of each hour, set an alarm if you have to.

If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding a lemon or lime. Also, when you are hungry and you know it is not the usual time you’d eat, try drinking water first. The human body often confuses thirst with hunger.

Signs of dehyration:
– Little to no bathroom breaks
– Dry mouth.
– Sleepiness or fatigue.
– Extreme thirst.
– Headache.
– Confusion.
– Dizziness or light-headedness.
– No tears when crying.