Fertilization & Weed Control

Weed Control and Fertilizer Program

No one likes a lawn full of weeds. Let us help you nurture the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn & Snow Bros is fully licensed to apply commercial grade herbicides for landscape use. This means we have certified herbicide applicators on staff and we have a pesticide service registration that is up to date.

Our teams use commercial selective herbicides that are specifically formulated to target and eliminate any broadleaf weeds that may be infiltrating your lawn. We also make sure to use a liquid fertilizer that is specifically formulated to the season for the best results in keeping a healthy and happy lawn. We recommend dual applications (weed control and fertilizer). The herbicide will eliminate any weeds you currently have and the fertilizer will help thicken the lawn which, in turn, will also reduce the weeds.

With our Weed Control and Fertilizer Program we have a weed free guarantee. If you trust us with your lawn for the season, we guarantee to keep your lawn free of weeds for the season*.


Round Up Program

We also provide the option of a Round-Up add on program. Round-Up is a non-selective herbicide that will kill weeds and grasses**. When our teams are at your property they can spray any garden, decorative rock, or mulch beds to keep them weed free throughout the season.

We also offer individual weed control and fertilizer applications but recommend going with the program for the best results and to be eligible for our ‘Weed Free Guarantee’. We also have granular fertilizer available to those that prefer it.


Be Safe with Pets & Kids

Our weed control and liquid fertilizer is safe for people and pets after 24 hours. Our organic fertilizer is safe immediately after application.



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*With our guarantee we also need a little bit of help from you, the homeowner. If your lawn is not taken care of properly (ie. Mown and watered) we cannot guarantee these outcomes. However, if your lawn is properly maintained we can guarantee a beautiful weed free/green lawn with our help.
**Round-Up will not kill certain plants that have been formulated to be resistant specifically to Round-Up, such as Round-Up Ready Canola.


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