Easy Winter Using Prevention Methods: Snow Removal Lethbridge, AB Pros Share Their Tips

Daily snow removal and deicing is a messy, exhausting, and money consuming job. Waiting for your snow company to clear the way is not always the best idea, especially if you are in a hurry early in the morning. Shoveling five times a day isn’t also the best strategy to employ, especially if the winter is harsh and you need to take care of other things. Our snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists want to offer you a few advice on preventative methods – after all, instead of shoveling and deicing day after day, why not following some simple advice to ease your life until winter is gone.

1. Think Snow Prevention Instead of Snow Removal

If you watch the weather forecast carefully and mind the advice of your snow removal Lethbridge, AB local team you will be better at preventing snow than removing it. Snow prevention isn’t magic, but the pre-treatment of your hard surfaces in between two snow falls or two frost events. Applying ice treatments on surfaces while they are free from snow and frost is the best way to go. Ice treatments will prevent snow to adhere to the surfaces. Therefore it is more efficient to treat the surfaces before a snow event than shoveling the snow or deicing the said surfaces, thus wasting less product, time, money and effort.

2. Use Organic Deicers Instead of Rock Salt

Our snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists use organic deicers instead of rock salt – used by regular city companies because it is cheaper. Rock salt, while efficient, is harmful for the environment, as it corrodes concrete and asphalt surfaces, cars and hardscapes. Moreover, rock salt, if reaching your turf infiltrates the soil and damages the soil and plants roots. It is harmful for pets, grasses and edibles and can pollute nearby streams or underground water resources. Rock salt contamination and corrosion is hard to deal with and remove, this is why organic snow removal treatments prove to be more efficient, less harmful to the environment and safer for you, your children, pets, and assets.

3. Avoid Snow Build-Ups

People say it is easier to shovel 3 inches of snow instead of ten, so basically the idea is to prevent snow from piling up. However, as we said, this is a messy and time-consuming job keeping you from more important tasks and activities. This is why you should ask your local snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists to give you a hand with snow removal for as long as it is necessary.

4. Use Ground Covers

No matter how careful you are when removing snow and ice from your walkways, driveways, patios, stairs and pathways, you can’t completely prevent substances to reach your garden. Moreover, you might piling up the removed snow on your garden, thinking it will further hydrate and protect the vegetation roots. Have a chat with your local snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists about the use of groung covers – especially for sensitive grasses and plants – and about snow mold, a serious issue you need to be aware of in early spring.

There are plenty of ways to make your winter easier and have a professional snow removal team by your side who also knows what is good for your lawn and landscape, so have your local snow removal Lethbridge, AB specialists give you a hand with everything this season.