Deep Root Fertilization, What’s That?

We just have one question for you – do your trees look sick? If they do, we have the best solution to your problem!

One of the things trees and people have in common is we both require proper nutrition to prevent and recover from sickness or injury.

That is why we strongly recommend deep root fertilization.

If you are unsure of whether your tree is healthy or not and there are no leaves to help you identify a problem, look at the branches. A tree typically dies from the tips of the branches first, if you try breaking a twig that has not already fallen to the ground and it instantly snaps like dry wood, the branch is dead.

Even if your tree is not dying, fertilizing will ensure that the chances of that happening are significantly decreased.

Here are a few benefits of deep root fertilizing your tree:

  • Fertilization programs can be personalized and customized as per the need of the tree; it is slow release so the tree is fertilized all season long.
  • Your tree will be more resistant to disease and insect infestation.
  • Fertilizing your tree can help reduce soil compaction.
  • The healthier your trees are the more attractive they will be.
  • Your healthy and fertilized tree will also help by providing much needed oxygen and taking in the bad air. Not only are you helping yourself, but the survival of everyone around you.

The best time to fertilize is early spring or late fall. So, don’t wait any longer.