Brr, It’s Cold Out There!

We are back around to winter, yay! We know it can get cold, gloomy, and kind of beautiful. But every winter can also be dangerous, especially if you are a driver, there is always a risk.

We wanted to give you some tips on how to be safe on the road. I think I can speak for most people when I say I am not a fan of winter driving at all, but there are ways to get around it.

1. ALWAYS allow yourself at least three (3) times the normal following distance to stop. You never know when and where that vehicle in front of you will brake.

2. This may be an obvious one but please drop your speed when the road is covered with snow. You don’t know if there is ice underneath, ice can be tricky to avoid.

3. Another tip that many don’t know is when you brake, try to do it slowly. Braking too fast will result in your vehicle sliding or skidding. Your first instinct when you know you need to stop as soon as possible is to hit the brakes, we understand. But if you follow tip number one, you will have enough time to stop at a slow and SAFE pace.

4. Always keep your headlights on so that you can be seen by others, daytime running lights will not be enough for those dark blizzard days.

5. Do not use cruise control in winter conditions. It will not allow you to brake or respond quickly if you need to, making an accident worse.

6. Keep basic supplies in your vehicle in case you get stuck. For example, a snow brush, a shovel, extra windshield washer fluid, extra winter clothing to keep warm if you need to wait for help, or even a blanket.

7. Really try to signal in advance, it’ll give the other drivers time to respond and adjust safely.  For example, if you are making a turn, the vehicle behind you needs enough time to slow down to prevent rear ending you.

8. Try to avoid sudden movements as it is easy to lose control if the road is icy and wet. Slow down and steer gently.

We recommend you follow these tips even if you have winter tires, those driving around may not have them and this way everyone, including yourself, can remain safe. There is no telling how bad a snowstorm can be, winter tires or not. Sometimes it is not enough, and we are no match for nature.