Are You Fighting The Lawn?

As mowing season is starting up with this warmer weather (finally!) we wanted to set you off with a few tips on making sure your lawn is cared for in the best possible way!

1. If possible, change your mowing direction every week to prevent ruts and burn lines in your lawn. It will also help more upright growth of your grass blades as the grass develops a grain based on the direction you mow (if you mow the same direction each week it will start to ‘lean’ that direction).

2. Reduce mowing frequency and raise the mowing height of cool-season grasses when hot, as the dry weather slows their growth rate.

3. Mow when the grass is dry. Mowing wet grass can cause the mower wheels to leave ruts in your yard, and you could leave behind clumps of clippings that could smother the grass beneath.

4. Don’t cut the grass too short. Shorter grass blades just can’t generate as much food as long blades. Long grass blades also shade and cool the soil. That means weed seeds are less likely to sprout, and you won’t have to water as often because water won’t evaporate as fast.

If you feel the lawn has won and you’d rather give that task to someone else give us a call today at (403) 394-DIRT (3478) or fill out an estimate request!